Community Problem

“Poverty in the Philippines.”

During this pandemic world’s poverty and unemployment increased along with other socioeconomic crisis.

The poverty and unemployment rate are increasing in both the advance and emerging markets and developing economies. Also, the world’s productivity is low due to lockdown, stay at home policy and price shocks. When businesses are required to shut down last March because of the coronavirus pandemic, many workers were left without an income.

“Educate to Elevate.”

The effects of poverty on children are wide reaching and can lead to lifelong struggles, especially when young people don’t receive full educations. Lack of education because of financial problem is one of our community problem.

Whenever i go outside to buy groceries or other things, i see a large number of children and youth working or selling food and other items in front of their homes. Some of them stopped their studies, while others were forced to drop out. They are hindered due to a lack of resources; yes, school is free but their family cannot afford to buy technology, even a WI-FI network to support their educational needs.

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