I still will see your face

I remember the very first time I saw you
I got lost exploring the galaxies in your eyes
Are you a milky way?
You are making my head spins.

And even though time flies, trees grow
I’m still here
Drowning in your galaxies of blue

I thought that the stars were for the sky
Until your galaxy flew by
That starstruck feeling when you look at me
Cosmic feeling of ecstasy.

I didn’t mind
Drowning didn’t seem so bad
Because even though I felt awful and sad
I also felt loved.

Your hand
Touching mine
This is how galaxies

But then
I see the uncertainty you hide inside
I should have seen it coming
But rather ended broken

Now, you make me want to wish on stars
We could never be lovers
I thought that I’d prefer us to be nothing to each other
But maybe friends.

Tears are the shooting stars made up of cosmic ice
That burnt under the sun
You are made of stellar fragments
A massive remnant of what was once there to see.

The moment you stopped saying you’re goodnights
That’s when I knew
I’ve lost you
I have lost my galaxy.

I gotta say goodbye
I guess it ain’t the time and space
It just ain’t right, that every night
I still will see your face.

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