New Website, loves!

Hi there! I have created a new website, just click the link above and feel free to take a look anytime. 
My name’s Lara Siatriz and I am so excited to share with you more of what I have to offer! I love to paint for it is my way out of sadness and boredom.
There you’ll be seeing some of my artworks as well as my thoughts, poems, and haikus.
I wanted to start by telling you why I created this website, what you will be seeing more of in my posts, and my overall experience of designing my website.

Why I started my website:

Since my teacher assigned us to make a website and up until a few weeks ago did I truly know what a “blog” was. I never clicked on website links, I never understood why people wrote blogs, I just thought it was a waste of time to even look into it. But i was wrong. After doing much research and reading blog posts on websites along the way, I was consumed with inspiration to start to post blogs for I have finally realized all of the benefits that blogging can bring. Since then I’ve come to understand that personal blogs need not be narrow and predictable.

What you will be seeing more of in my posts:

Some of my artworks will obviously be the main thing you’ll see in my blog posts, but get ready because you will be seeing much more of the face behind me, and a mixture of poems and haikus. Writing hasn’t always been a strong suite of mine and I will tell you, I am no expert on any of this. I may be a “perfectionist” in some ways but I am nowhere near perfect. I figure it will be a lot of trial and error so please bear with me on any grammar/spelling mistakes and please feel free to always share your advice and communicate with me along the way! I hope to inspire you because truthfully, this world and you all people inspires me and I am so looking forward to bringing you a more inspirational way of living.

I’ve come to realize that my current motto is: Everything is a learning experience. If this idea resonates with you too, then welcome to my world. Happy to meet ‘ya.

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